"With exquisite vocal harmonies and intelligent, socially-conscious lyrics, the folk quartet Acoustic Blender weaves classical, jazz, gospel and contemporary styles into a wonderful, crazy quilt."                        

- Steve Siegel, The Morning Call


"Acoustic Blender is a group of four uniquely talented musicians who sing intelligent, witty, and uplifting songs. They blend their classical, contemporary, and traditional folk influences together as seamlessly as they blend their powerful four-part harmonies."                              

- Otto Bost, host of “Acoustic Eclectic” on WDIY-FM

ACOUSTIC BLENDER, clockwise from top left:

Hope Wesley Harrison, David Heitler-Klevans, Jenny Heitler-Klevans,          Justin Solonynka

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Upcoming Shows

  • Apr 9
    The Folk Factory Coffeehouse,  Philadelphia
  • Apr 22
    Central Wayne Baptist Church,  Wayne
  • Apr 28
    Elkins Central,  Elkins Park