Mark S. Tucker – Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME)

“Old roots classicality invades their work and transforms it from folk to something more unique… a strong affinity for tradition underneath the jazzy / folky / intelligent World sensibilities. A potpourri of styles… well integrated harmony vocals… [Crazy Whirled is] a very welcome addition to your collection.” (Read the entire review here.)
Gene Shay – host of The Folk Show, WXPN

“You guys sounded great! Nice to hear Acoustic Blender with their unique blend of songs – and voices.”
Joanne Hammil – composer and choir director

“LOVE your group! This is a WONDERFUL CD – great variety, rich musicality! BRAVO!”
Andrea Owens – GAnet

“All four members of the band play multiple instruments and are highly trained musicians. … Their song list fascinates – they sing about politics, peace, quality of life, endangered species and whatever else is on their mind.”
Steve Siegel – The Morning Call

“With exquisite vocal harmonies and intelligent, socially-conscious lyrics, the folk quartet Acoustic Blender weaves classical, jazz, gospel and contemporary styles into a wonderful, crazy quilt.”
Otto Bost – host of “Acoustic Eclectic” on WDIY-FM

“Acoustic Blender is a group of four uniquely talented musicians who sing intelligent, witty, and uplifting songs. They blend their classical, contemporary, and traditional folk influences together as seamlessly as they blend their powerful four-part harmonies.”
Ruth Maletz – Community Music School

“I can’t tell you how impressed we were with your concert… You guys REALLY sounded like you’d been together for years! You guys sounded like a team. It was a VERY entertaining show, and your tuning and ensemble was really together. I was SOOOO glad I came. DO MORE.”
Fred Volz – The Untangled Strings concert series, State College, PA

“You guys were great and I hope we can have you back some time!”
Jonathan Slezak – vocalist, Business As Usual

“I am blown away by Crazy Whirled. I played it for my group, and they love it, too.”
Joanne Billman –

“What a great group! Wonderful range of talents and sounds.”
Mary Starshine –

“It was so great hearing Acoustic Blender… I felt honored to be there. The song selection ‘mix’ was wonderful. You seemed to have a ball with the fun songs. You guys are really good!”
Steve Gable –

“Total fun – thanks. Should be an audience of thousands!”
Lin Lee –

“Totally enjoyed the concert. Great harmony, loved the rounds, piano, and voices. I really think the four of you have great chemistry/sound. The fact that all of you were enjoying the performance came through.”

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